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Occupational Therapy


We aim to enhance the skills of children so that they can actively participate in play, learning and self care skills.
We work under a Family Centered Care Model - Parents know their child best and it is through the family that a child’s needs are met. We work together with the family to achieve the goals that reflect the family’s values.

What ages are eligible for services?

The OT program is funded by the Ministry of Child and Family Development to work with children from birth to entry into kindergarten  

How do I get services?                               Our Occupational Therapy Gym

We have an open referral policy; therefore both

parents and professionals can refer a child to the program.

Who qualifies for services?

A child must demonstrate a significant delay or risk in delay in one or more of the following areas:

  • Sensory Processing
  • Self Help Skills (eating, dressing, play, social interaction, grooming, learning)
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Visual Motor and Perceptual Skills
  • Ocular Motor Skills
  • Oral Motor Skills

 Referral Forms:

Click on the link below for a referral form:


Where do the services take place?

Therapy is child centered and so the location of treatment depends on the setting that best meets the child’s needs. A child may be seen at home, in the KFP sensory room, preschool or where appropriate.

What happens in therapy?

We will first do an assessment which includes, amongst others, looking at how children manage with dressing, toileting, eating and personal hygiene, how they control and manipulate objects, how they coordinate their eyes with their hands, how they process sensory information, how they pay attention and socialize with others and how they best learn and organize activities. From the information gathered we will decide with the family whether direct therapy or regular consultations with the family are needed.

Direct Therapy takes place in the form of purposeful play, because children learn best in this environment and it builds on a child’s strengths and interests. As play continues we add new elements to address the child’s challenges: games to strengthen weak muscles, situations to broaden sensory experiences etc. In this way we build on the child’s strengths and help them interact with their environment in ways which promote development.



Sheri Fraser, MSc(OT), BSc(Kin)
Telephone: 778-460-5107
Fax: (250) 365-5792