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About Neighbourhood House


Neighbourhood House is for everyone in the Family!  We have a comfortable, fun, educational, safe, attractive, accessible facility designed just for you. A variety of programs happen throughout the week – check out the calendar or contact us (250) 365-3662

When families want community, are in need, new to the community, need a specific service, information or a referral, they can step through the door of Neighbourhood House and it’s all here.  Neighbourhood House is a one-stop shop that meets the needs of families, either by providing the program and service on site, or personally assisting families in finding what they need. 

Based on the Clyde Hertzman Model, Neighbourhood House is a Family Resource Hub, offering a rich menu of services for working and non-working parents and caregivers.  Neighbourhood House is a member of the Family Resource Programs of Canada and the B.C. Family Resource Program Association. 


What ages are eligible for services?

Neighbourhood House offers programs for all but most programs are for families that are pregnant or with children birth through six years of age.  The space is also available for external facilitators or bookings.  See our calendar or contact us for information.

How do I get services?

Drop in any time Monday through Friday to talk to a staff person. Check our calendar of events online or pick up a copy.  You must register for some programs, others are drop in.  All programs are no cost or low cost.   Our building is fully accessible and we have family parking reserved around the building.


Neighbourhood House is located  at 767 11th Avenue in Castlegar, beside Hobbit Hill and behind Chopsticks restaurant.

What Happens? 

We have a regular weekly Drop-In program where families that are pregnant or have young children can socialize and play.  We serve a healthy snack and provide interactive circle time and art activities.  We also have a regular weekly ESL (English as a Second Language) Drop-In which includes child minding and adult alone time.  We partner to offer other programs such as:

CAPC Parent Education, Beautiful Beginnings (Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program), Mother Goose, Selkirk College Prenatal Education, Infant Massage, Make the Connection, You Make the Difference, Discovering Loss, Aboriginal Family Gatherings, Little Robes, Family Fun Nights, What’s Cooking, Community Garden …and more! 


For more information contact Tracey Kikals, the Neighbourhood House Liaison at 250-505-3702  


Please see our program calendar for current hours or drop by and speak with a staff person Monday through Friday between 9:00 and 3:30.



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