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Behavior Support Program

About the Behavior Support Program:

Kootenay Family Place Behavior Support Services provides individual behavior support to eligible children and youth up to age 19, who have been diagnosed with challenging conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, developmental disorders, as well as other special needs. 

We assist families in understanding and supporting their child with special needs, so the child can develop his or her abilities and capacities to the maximum and become valued citizens in their communities.

The Behavior Consultant works with the family and the child/youth to assess their strengths and needs. Together they create an initial Individualized Family Service Plan that will include strategies to promote adaptive behaviors within each child and family’s capabilities.

The Behavior Support Consultant also works with the family and their support network to know how to respond effectively to the child and his/her specific challenges both at home, at school and in the community. The goal is to integrate the Individualized Family Service Plan into the family’s existing support structure.

What ages are eligible for services?

Children and youth ages 6 to 19 years, who reside in the West Kootenay Boundary Region and are part of the Ministry of Children and Family Development Special Needs caseload. 

 How do I get services?

All referrals to this program come from the Ministry for Children and Family Development, Children and Youth with Special Needs Social Workers.  Families will be referred by their family doctor to a pediatrician in the area.  If there is a diagnosis, the pediatrician will refer the child or youth to the Interior Health Children’s Assessment Network (IHCAN) to confirm it.  Once the diagnosis is confirmed, a referral is then sent to the Ministry for Children and Family Development Children and Youth Social Workers who will then inform the family of the services available for their child, including this program, and help them with applying for funding, where applicable.

Where do the services take place?

Services may be provided in any venue that is relevant to the child's needs.  This may include the child's home, school, community programs, recreation and leisure facilities, churches, day care, after school program, and homes of extended family and/or friends.

What happens in the Program?

Informal interviews with the parents, child/youth, caregivers and other professionals may take place in order to determine the areas of strengths, as well as the needs and concerns. Such assessments will provide the consultant with the information needed to establish an individualized plan, including goals and strategies.

The assessment will be specific to the child or youth as well as to the setting. The child's strengths and needs will be identified as well as factors in the environment that may be influencing the child's behaviour.

As a result, the Individualized Family Service Plan will offer systematic and evidence-based approaches to teaching appropriate behaviours and decreasing inappropriate behaviours. These approaches may include:

  • Positive Behaviour Supports – Validation of feelings, teaching alternate behaviours, improving  communication and social skills, consistency, positive reinforcers, etc.
  • Functional Behavioural Analysis  - Where, when and what triggers the behaviours, as well as what are  its consequences
  • Relationship Development Intervention–Establish rapport with the child and family
  • Greenspan-Floortime - Integrated Play to meet the children at their developmental stage
  • Picture Exchange Communication - Augmentative Communication (visual aids)
  • Sensory Integration – Use of materials that help the child focus and calm down
  • Social Stories - Comic Strip Conversations to teach social communication


Adriana Huerta, Behavior Support Services Consultant

Kootenay Family Place Behavior Support Services
Neighbourhood House, Box 3144Aadriana
Castlegar, BC V1N 3H4
778-460-5108 or 1-888-644-5616 ext. 5108  Fax 250-365-5792