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We believe that all children, including those with delays, disabilities or special needs can benefit from participation in comprehensive, fully integrated programming, in a supportive setting which emphasizes each child’s unique worth as an individual and as a member of the peer community, while recognizing and providing for individual needs.

Our Centres enhance the lives of children and families by providing a caring, supportive environment that celebrates family diversity. We recognize and respect that families are unique in their values, experiences, expectations and needs. Staff encourage parents to share their own customs, traditions and languages with staff and children at the Centre.

Programming for children with developmental delays or disabilities is an important part of our child care programs. KFP’s Supported Child Development Program provides resources and enhanced staffing for children who require extra support in the child care setting. Each child participates in all regular program activities with extra support as required. In addition, each child has an individual program plan, developed in consultation with parents and professionals for individual teaching and assistance

At times, there is more than one agency serving a family. A ‘team approach’ is welcomed and encouraged. The decision as to who is involved is ultimately that of the family. The need for coordination in such circumstances is paramount. A collaborative working relationship between Community Living Services of British Columbia, Ministry for Children and Family Development, school districts, service providers and other related professionals is crucial to ensure efficient use of resources and provide optimum support to families.